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Real life and viva prep


Less than 12 days now to the viva and very little thought given to it since last post.

As a (very) mature student, I have lots of other things going on in my life apart from thinking about my viva. I guess that is true for most PGRs! My main focus over the past few days has been marking student work, which is always more time-consuming than it should be, and trying to help my student son sort out various issues. In addition, I have been giving thought to a planned house move – still waiting to exchange contracts, but hoping to move around 12th June – and saying goodbyes to the parent support group I have been helping to facilitate for several years.

Sometimes I dream of an idyllic, idealised existence when I could spend all my time focusing on the things that interest me, but that just isn’t real life. However, the reality of having other things to do, does mean that my mind can work on thesis/research/viva related stuff in the background, while focusing on current real life issues, most of which do not need that much processing power!

However, it is now time to engage brain and focus more on preparing for viva. My plan is to review the notes I have already made, identify areas where I know I am skating on thin ice, and then re-read thesis, focusing particularly on the problem areas. I have also engaged husband as an active listener for a couple of hours a day – idea is that he will ask me a question, giving me a chance to practice answering. This should help me to get used to hearing the sound of my own voice and will act as a ‘waffle check’ – husband good at knowing when I am full of hot air. That should also help me to focus on areas I need to get better acquainted with again.

I’m still feeling fairly laid back about the process – maybe I need to feel a bit more anxious to get the adrenalin to motivate me to do more… We’ll see!


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