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Last few days of ‘real’ writing


The end is in sight – yes really.

I’ve agreed to let supervisors have draft next Tuesday – which means I have three days writing time – but I also have time after that for final tweaking before heading for printshop…. As one of my supervisors reminded me ‘its my baby’!

This morning, I’ve written a ‘to do’ list. At the top is:

Tidy desk and remove all material not using

That should help me not to look at mountains of paper and old comments and other assorted bits and bobs.

Then I have a list of 8 things I need to do. Four relate to thesis content and things I know I need to make sure I have done by way of making connections and tying up ends. Four relate to practicalities, like appendices and front matter. Effectively a road map of things I can tick off.

I know the finished thesis will not be perfect. Hopefully it will be good enough, but whether or not it is ‘good enough’ in the sense of being judged of doctoral standard, from a personal perspective I’ve learned so much from this journey, it doesn’t actually matter how anybody else judges my work.

Right, time for tea and then on with the desk tidying and the ‘to do’ list.


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