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Four weeks writing ahead


I reckon I have about 4 weeks of writing time available to me now – or perhaps a little less! Then a week or so for final proofreading and edits before heading off to the print shop and finally submitting my thesis.

Although I had an initial draft of my thesis over a year ago, it has undergone a major metamorphosis since then – there are a few words from that initial draft present in the current version, but not many. Even over the past month, some chapters have been pretty well re-written, or moved to a different place in the ‘big document’ to better support the argument I am presenting. There are even some chapters that have been reduced to little more than notes and need quite a lot of work to be presentable in any way whatever!

Despite the chaos I am surrounded by, I am feeling moderately optimistic that the task will be completed on time. What I submit will not be as I would like it to be, but hopefully it may be good enough.

For the moment, I see the next four weeks as a time when I will live, eat, sleep, and write thesis. At least, I now know what I want to say!

And don’t anybody talk to me about Christmas – that is postponed until 12th night!



  1. Abi says:

    Good luck with getting the thesis completed and submitted on time.

    Here’s to Christmas on 12th night…

  2. lizit says:

    Thanks Abi 🙂

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