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Where does my research sit?


A recent blog of eLiz Hartnett’s caught my eye. In it she reproduces a diagram that she had seen at a recent conference and uses the diagram to reflect on the focus of her thesis and where it sits within her discipline.

Where does my research sit?
I have been aware that one of the things I am tussling with is just where does my research fit, and looking at eLiz’s blog helped me to realise that part of my difficulty is the interdisciplinary nature of what I am doing and not being sure who I am addressing, or, in a disciplinary sense, where my focus is. Although, I am no closer to sorting that out, my attempt at diagramming did clarify some of the reasons why I am struggling.

My research focuses on a sub-set of the SEN system and I am using that sub-set to explore the metaphor of struggle and fight which occurs frequently in the language used in academic literature, policy documents and conversation. Drawing clarified that not only is struggle prevalent in a whole range of different ways in the system, but it is also prevalent in the theoretical framework. Maybe it is no wonder that I have problems sorting out where I am looking and where I belong!

I sense this is a diagram to come back to and work with some more, though I suspect it might be one of those diagrams that becomes increasingly confusing, before it becomes clearer.


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  1. eLiz says:

    I wish I’d been able to get this focus two years ago. I remember speaking to a management academic who floored me with his question: “Where are you situating your research?”

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