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Green Paper – chapter 4


This is one of the shortest chapters in the document and concludes by acknowledging :Many of the problems with the system to support young people with SEN or who are disabled are complicated and longstanding” para 4.50.

The proposed Education, Health and Care Plan will extend to age 25, which may ameliorate lack of clarity about post-18 opportunities.

The only mention I can find in the document about high achieving young people with SEN/disability is para 4.22, which recognises some of these young people will go on into HE. For some reason, this is connected to the National Scholarship Programme for supporting disadvantaged young people, but apparently one of the criteria for the progamme will be the support for disabled students.

Informal adult and community learning also gets a mention (para 4.23) and is connected with the Big Society.

Twenty per cent of the chapter focuses on employment including the role of Job Centre Plus and Disability Employment Advisers. Nothing is said about how training will be provided to ensure these personnel are equipped to support the full range of SEN/disability, something I find worrying given some of the accounts I have heard of experiences with employment services of young people on the autism spectrum.

A further area of transition is from child to adult health services and it is recognised that the transition from CAMHS to adult mental health services can be particularly difficult.

The final section of the chapter focuses on independent living and the planned change from DLA to PIP.


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