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Wrote this weeks ago and forgot about it – hmm

An almost throwaway comment in a discussion the other day got me thinking about how pervasive labels are – and how we don’t necessarily understand the labels we regularly use.

The that started this train of thought was that few people, if any, change their fundamental position, or worldview, as a result of their doctoral work. As the context was an informal discussion with fellow DPhil students in sociology, the assumption was that we knew what mix of post-modern, feminist, Marxist, etc, etc, we considered ourselves. On reflection, I found myself struggling. I am quite sure it is possible to label and categorise me, but I am unsure what the labels would be. It made me think of the Myers-Brigg questionnaires and it struck me something similar could be useful in this area. By ticking the correct boxes, I would then know if I was a post-structuralist or whatever – and I might even know what it meant.


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