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Reflecting on my blogging


I’ve noticed over the last few months I’ve been blogging a lot less than I did when I first started this blog. Back then, I would often post two or three times a week, but now a few weeks can go between postings. I don’t think the purpose of the blog has changed.  It is still about exploring ideas related to my DPhil research. What has changed is the blog has become more visible. Rather than just a few close friends and associates being aware of its existence, what I write is now fed into an RSS feed and is available to a much wider audience.

What are the implications for me of going public? I think I am more guarded about what I put into the public arena. I am aware that I may be writing for an audience rather than essentially for myself. This means, I am less willing to post about ideas that are very undeveloped – sometimes not even embryonic. Possibly too, I am less willing to post ideas that may actually be novel. Is that a fear of  being laughed at or thinking some of my ideas may be interesting enough for somebody else to want to use and develop them before I’ve thought them through myself?I think too, I am more careful about how I write. My blogs have tended to be written on the fly without drafting and re-drafting, but now I think a bit more about the words I use and the way I frame what I say. The implication is that blogging takes more time and effort and becomes less easy.

Does it matter that I am blogging less? Yes, for me it does! It means I am not using the opportunity to play with ideas and concepts and make mistakes for fear of what an unknown readership might think.

The solution. If I can, forget the audience and allow myself to blog about the ideas I am playing with and the things I am trying to make sense of.

Having said that, it would be great to have some comments sometimes on what I write, if only to let me know there are people out there reading this or to confirm I am actually alone in the metaverse!


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