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Synergy – or the importance of not going it alone


For a whole series of reasons, some personal, some environmental, some miscellaneous, I have been finding it very difficult to get myself focused enough to do any constructive work. I can understand why I am feeling as I am, but have been finding it difficult to do anything very much about it.

Yesterday I met a colleague for coffee. Turned out that for various reasons she was also feeling fairly disengaged.

Recipe for disaster and mutual descent into depression? Well no, it actually was an extremely positive meeting. Perhaps because we were able to be honest about how we we feeling, we were able to help each other to see it wasn’t just us being middle-aged and pathetic, but our feelings were valid – and what was more, we could do something positive that might even be helpful to others.

We all know from the books and from experience that the DPhil journey is a lonely one, but yesterday reminded me that I am not on my own. There are other people around with similar doubts and anxieties and we can not only support each other but we can be creative and revitalised by sharing and exploring.

Today is a new day with new ideas, new opportunities and loads to think about and do!


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