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Connectivism – another avenue to consider


Just come across a wiki forming the basis of Karyn Romeis’s masters dissertation on the impact of the use of social media on her professional practice as a corporate learning professional. Interesting when only yesterday I was suggesting that hidden behind the work I am doing for my DPhil is a personal case study.

I haven’t read the dissertation in depth as yet – but can see that it is a document I will want to go back to as there are ideas there that I want to explore further.  One is the connectivism concept which I have encountered before, but do not really have a grasp of, but which may offer some way of linking ideas about informal learning. The other that has struck me at first reading, is the use of narrative and stories as a data source. In my description of what I want to do, I have found myself talking about stories, and it looks as though I need to find out more about narratives in thinking about my methodology.


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  1. anna says:

    maybe you’d find it useful to talk to Joh Hunt (a few doors down in our corridor!) next time you’re at uni – she is doing some work with using narratives as data, I think. Certainly her previous work has covered stories as well. Might be an interesting chat for you both…

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