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ILE09 week 8


It’s hard to believe the presentations will be next Wednesday!

During this past week, there has been evidence of a fair bit of student activity in Second Life.  Some have been fine tuning work that has already been done and some have been starting to work out how to film their machinimas ready for Wednesday.  I suspect that most, if not all the projects, will have something to show off and to be proud of.

My personal focus this week has been on thinking about the end of course survey. I still have to discuss it with Judith, but my inclination is to keep it fairly short with multip-choice questions and keep the questions about experiences of being stuck, etc, for follow-up interviews.  I need to make sure I have a means of contacting all the active students after ILE before they disappear!

The other thing I need to make sure I do is catch the clients who may be able to use the learning experiences in their classes, and arrange to see them and discuss the options. That way I – and they – can do some planning. Having found the 5 Sussex avatars again, they could be perhaps be used by students under supervision rather than requiring everybody to register an individual avatar initially.  It will also be necessary to ensure Second Life access is possible on whatever computers are being used.  That has not been a major problem as far as I know for Informatics, but I’m not sure how easy it will be elsewhere on the campus.

The other thing I need to do before the students disappear is get some of the builds moved to other parts of the island in order to free space up for ILE10 – really too far away to start thinking about that yet!


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