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ILE09 week 6


I still have a sense of things going very slowly in general with little willingness to do more than the minimum on the different builds.  I keep visiting the island and hoping to see something really exciting, but so far there isn’t much to see and very few of the groups are providing any kind of notecard feedback making it difficult to know what is happening. On the other hand, the weekly project discussions are useful for exploring ideas on how the different builds could be developed. I feel more involved overall this year, no doubt helped by being involved in the workshops and hearing the material students are being asked to use in developing their thinking and learning experiences.

All but one of the groups has provided a specification and received feedback. This has made it much easier to begin to look at the projects both in terms of learning experience and of using the affordances of Second Life.

The workshop on simulations included looking at a number of builds in Second Life and categorising them by type of simulation.  Impressionistically, students appeared to enjoy this activity and to be surprised and interested by some of what they saw in the virtual world.

I need to pull together the material I have on machinimas and make that available to students during the coming week.  They now only have a little over two weeks until the presentations and it is difficult at this point to believe there will be much to present.  I look forward to being surprised and excited by what has been achieved.


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