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ILE09 week 4


This week feels bitty, perhaps because we missed Monday’s session because of the snow, and because we are still waiting to get the student specifications for their projects.  Compared with last year, when people were building and doing stuff by now, this year feels like stirring treacle.  I know some of the students are talking to each other and developing their ideas, but we are seeing so little evidence of it.  There isn’t much questioning us happening either. The numbers failing to attend the Wednesday sessions is disappointing and it is a bit worrying wondering what we will have to present to clients come week 9 – still who knows, last year was slow at times and then suddenly things started to happen, so maybe more is going on than is apparent.

Personally, I am enjoying the Wednesday classes.  It is a good refresher for me of various theories and ideas and I am doing some of my own connections which I hadn’t been aware of before.

Going off on a tangent, it was fun having the first of the OU tutorials inworld this morning.  About 17 students turned up and we started with many of them asking how to sit – shows just how new they were.  We had fun just introducing ourselves, saying what we wanted out of the course and doing a group exercise with a jigsaw and then working out what we had learned from the exercise – listening, asking questions, watching each other, deciding which block not to move, etc. Some people were frustrated at not being listened to – gave an opportunity to talk about how difficult it can be to be doing stuff and watching the chat.  General impression was people had enjoyed themselves and were asking when we would meet again.  Nice seeing the enthusiasm.


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