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ILE 09 week 2


Another week of mainly practical activities.  Meetings with students, doing stuff on the island, writing a document on building essentials (to be added to as things ‘go wrong’ this term) and getting a baseline survey online. The biggest problem this week was LL disabling log ins on Wednesday at just the time we were going to do the building tutorial.  I had deliberately left putting the tutorial materials out in advance, so even those students who had logged in before we were locked out weren’t able to do stuff. Such is life!  However, I have spotted a number of students inworld during the past few days working with the materials which is good. There is generally a very positive buzz about the student group this year.

Most of the projects are now allocated to students and they should be arranging client meetings during the next week or so. Then it will be commenting on the specifications and offering general support and pointing at different resources, etc, for the rest of the term.

I now need to start focussing away from the practical and doing some of the things I need to do like making some proper notes on the things I have been reading and doing some necessary admin tasks. Too many late nights in Second Life are not good for me!


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