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Been reading


I’m feeling quite tired this evening – well I guess it is 9.30pm and that is the kind of time when one is allowed to be a bit tired!

I’ve read the JISC report, published last Thursday, on serious virtual worlds.  A lot of interesting content and areas identified for exploring.  Some interesting typologies worth re-visiting and thinking about. Interesting to read about some of the other virtual worlds (despite the very large number – 80 – only a few are examined in any depth).  The two that sounded interesting to me are OpenSim, which I have been curious about for some time, and Croquet, which I had heard of but knew nothing about.  I would quite like to get both of them installed and take a look.

This evening I’ve been working through some of the articles and papers in the Educause virtual worlds edition.  Interesting how many of the authors I have heard of and how many of the references I have already encountered – or have encountered something else written by the same authors.

Hoping the EndNote training will be useful tomorrow and that I will be able to decide what I want to do about bibliographic stuff.  I need something more satisfactory than just having electronic or paper copies of lots of stuff even if that means I have the bibliographic data attached.


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