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Getting a perspective


It’s strange how most of my working life I’ve been involved in project management of one sort or another and I am only just beginning to see the parallels with what I am embarking on here.  I guess most of the work I’ve done in the past has had fairly clear goals and timeframes (often determined by others), whereas I have a period of time ahead with several different mini-projects and tasks.  One of the things I need to do for myself is draw some kind of timeline to enable me to relax about things which don’t need doing now – or doing yet – and be clear about the things which do need to be done sooner.

One of the traps is feeling I should be keeping up with everything going on in SL at the moment – there is a lot of energy there – but in reality I need to target what I keep up with (and make sure I get stuff in the diary rather than getting side-tracked).

Yes, I do need at some point to familiarise myself with other virtual worlds, but that can wait and in the meantime I can collect stuff I come across in SLED and other sources for future reference.

Guess it’s into planning and reviewing and being clear about changing priorities and not letting the urgent displace the important unless it is appropriate!  Also beware of displacement activity!


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