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Bits and Bobs


Just a quick attempt to capture some of the stuff in my mind at the moment.

First, don’t accept invitations to do stuff unless they are really relevant – I wish I wasn’t committed to half a day in Eastbourne tomorrow!

I’ve had a discussion with Diane and others about possible projects for ILE 09 – I am now drafting a possible email to send to the different schools (I am still a bit confused about the organisation of this place and need to get clarified what is a school, a department, etc, etc – wonder if there is a diagram anywhere…)

In drafting email, I realise timing is going to be of the essence if the intention is to test the learning experiences of ILE09 students on students of ‘clients’ – if the comparison is year against year, it is almost too late already for Autumn courses… And if looking at a spring course, there will be a lot of work next Spring with both ILE students and current cohorts…

I need to ensure I find the time to prepare for Coventry – only a week away now…


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