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Making a start


Just typing up some notes from speaking to Judith to help me remember what I’m meant (or maybe not meant to be doing).

Team stuff

Suggestion that I give Katy some support on building the Lab website (have since had a brief word with Katy and we have agreed to get together and talk about stuff some time in the coming week)

DPhil stuff

Judith is my main supervisor.  A second supervisor will be appointed (breakdown of how much I have to do with each to be determined, but 2nd supervisor is a back up and failsafe).  I will also need a thesis committee – JG plus 2 others.  They are responsible for an annual review of my progress, normally in May.  First stage will be to present thesis proposal including research question(s), literature review and project plan.  Because I already have a project, this may end up being a bit back-to-front.

Need to talk to Diane about possible clients – people who use the InQbate space and have a potential or actual interest in using Second Life and using it with their students. Then set up meetings with them (sort out in advance what I am asking them for).

ILE 09 likely to be on Wednesday mornings of Spring term.  Looking for 8-9 projects.  Student numbers to be capped at 43.  Ideally projects should be spread across the university. Need a project with an owner who is prepared to offer some input to students (eg commenting on specifications); the projects will present a problem and explain the problematic, but not offer specific solutions – may have a range of suggested approaches or comments on what is done in real life teaching.  The project owner will also be asked to be prepared to test the SL learning experience with their students in either Summer 09 or Autumn 09. Focus is on education/learning experience rather than on building an artefact.

Need to explore further what can be done on the Sussex SL site.  Potential for more land to act as a sandbox/development area – perhaps second island appended to existing site.  Possibility of exploring creating projects within Creativity Zone.  Talk to Tom Hamilton about his links with Linden Labs and any possible special deals on land.Maggie Clune is press office link.


Suggestion from Judith that I keep a blog with links to the various documents, resources, etc, that I collect and collate.


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